Workshops for Ph.D. students will be held on August 18-20, 2021 in stationary form

18 August - Bulletproof Public Speaking: How to speak so that we are heard
Can you always express your thoughts clearly during your presentation? Can you build your authority and catch the attention of your audience? Do you know what to say in times of greatest stress? There are two reasons why you are still standing in place. Either you are afraid to speed up or you have the brakes applied. The art of public speaking is to get on the self-expression  track  and draw energy from the fuel which is your knowledge, resources and personal stories. Thanks to the Bruce Lee method, you will be able to speak instantly, with inner power and true enthusiasm. You will be able to express emotions that make people act and build your stories based on the interests of the audience. Release the brakes, accelerate and follow your natural self-expression!

19-20 August - Rheology workshops with the Anton Paar company
The workshop is aimed at those who are either new to rheology or those that have been involved for some time and would like to learn more about this  interesting subject. The workshop will involve seminars covering both theoretical and practical aspects of rheology.
Our aim is that, by the time you leave the rheology workshop you will be able to:
• Understand the basic theory associated with rheology.
• Design meaningful experiments to characterize meat products.
• Appreciate the potential problems and pitfalls in making a measurement.
• Interpret the resulting data.
Rheology – Theory in application to meat and meat products
Part 1: Viscous materials
- definition of the terms: shear stress / shear rate / shear viscosity
- law of Newton
- shear load dependent flow behaviour of viscous fluids: ideal viscous behaviour (according to Newton), shear-thinning, shear-thickening, yield stress
- elements of time-dependent fluids
Part 2: Viscoelastic materials
- definition of the terms: deformation (strain) / shear modulus
- law of Hooke
- shear load dependent deformation behaviour of viscoelastic materials: viscoelastic fluid according to the Maxwell model,  viscoelastic solid according to the Kelvin-Voigt model
- rotational tests: controlled shear rate (CSR), controlled shear stress (CSS)- measuring systems (cylinder, cone-and-plate, parallel-plate, special geometries)
- relaxation test (shear strain step), relaxation modulus, relaxation  time spectrum
- definition of the terms: storage modulus/ loss modulus / loss or damping factor, complex viscosity
- amplitude sweep, linear viscoelastic (LVE) range – element of LAOS
- frequency sweep

Price: 250 EUR per person

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